This Independence RE-Write Freedom Story!

April 11, 2019 By 0 Comments

Let’s keep sharpening our pencil to be able to write. The more we sharpen and write, the more we will learn and grow. The more we will be able to strip off injustice from New India. It will inevitably be eroded as we gradually sharpen the pencil.

The new India arises as more and more people discover that their main purpose in life is to bring the light of consciousness and awareness into the world and so use whatever they do as a vehicle for achieving this. Everyone is a freedom fighter in their own way.

The feeling of freedom does not come from what we do, it flows into what we do and thus into this new age INDIA from deep within us.

Let’s connect the energy that flows into what you do and the awakened consciousness that is emerging with the new age INDIA.

Happy Independence Day!