Nobody else in the world has the same combination of experiences, talents and interests as you. We help you to use them to your advantage.


From Conceptualising, Designing and Executing All HR and Leadership Processes

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Content Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Organisational Structure


From Training, Engagement and Quick Learning

  • Outbound Activities
  • Corporate Training
  • Students Employability
  • Parenting Skills
  • Fun at Work
  • Technical Workshop

Creative Idea

Our brainstorming setting is at “Value-Addition mode”. We offer unorthodox solutions to make connections among previously unrelated notions.

Intense Passion

While the everyday skills required to grow keeps evolving, our passion to make an impact keeps growing too. We continue researching and desinging resources.

Rapid Solution

We get things done both through formal and informal channels. We do not stop till we achieve results, and then we strive harder to take a leap further.

Magic Touch

We believe having compassion is what distinguishes one from others. With our 1-on-1 communication touch points you can be asured to get that magic touch anytime.


These free resources are provided to help you accelerate your personal or team performance.



"Instataneous feedback shared by the instructor helped big time to reflect and improve."

Nitesh - IIT Patna

"I have learnt few things that will remain with me forever and I suggest everyone should attend such session because it not only improves your personality but it a welcome change from daily stressful routine."

Zufishan Haque - IIT Patna

"I loved talking to you. In fact I liked the professionalism you have. It kept me stay alive for the entire session."

Pratyush - IIT Gandhinagar

"It was very wonderful session for me. I had no prior knowledge of this kind of soft skills. This session made my day."

Shahzaib - IIT Gandhinagar

"Enjoyed the workshop. Informative and fun. Learned a lot of things which would come handy in the future."

Varnika - IIIT Vadodara

"Amazing orator and reached students very easily. Helped me to create 'To-Do' list before appearing for the interview."

Rituraj - IIIT Vadodara


20+ Virtual Engagement Activities & Energizers

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Learn to convert Internship into a “Pre-Placement Offer/PPO” or a Training period into a “Permanent Employment”

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Holi: A Saga of True Whistle Blower

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