Who We Are

We are nothing WITHOUT YOU!

Our Logo stands for Partnership and Joy of being together. One can see an adult and a child. The colour green relates to strong cultural association with growth, renewal and rebirth. The colour blue symbolizes trustworthiness, honesty and maturity. If looked more closely, it can be seen that the outline is actually created by the contours of two alphabets– T and F (Thinkers and Fillers) to depict an open book.

We all have stories to be told and shared as we are a part of the same book called “Journey and Life”. Hence our diverse and comprehensive solutions are not to design a single page of life rather to transform it completely.

The emphasis, thus, is more on the process of “Becoming” than on the concept of “Being” through strategic interventions and experiential learning methods. The goal is to provide people with varied options to showcase their best behavior in groups and focus on individual learning. This serves as the platform for individual’s and organisational development.

Enabling the work environment to be more Capable and Compassionate is a good business.
Let’s discuss how.

What We Do

We LOVE believing in YOU!

With the philosophy of Coaching and Mentoring, as our core value, our interactions and interventions create powerful positive effects on people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. We truly believe every individual and organisation has immense potential. We just help you unleash them.

Our team acts as a change agent, a facilitator, a friend and a guide to help individuals and organizations to change and grow. We are committed to delivering unique, experiential and result oriented training to esteemed and growing organizations, institutes and NGOs. We also deal in providing HR interventions to support organizations for fabricating excellent work culture. With qualified, passionate, young and dynamic team members, we cater to the different needs of industries right from top floor to shop floor.

Process Improvement

Outbound Activities

Personal Development

Mentoring & Coaching

Leadership Training

Behavioural Training

Soft Skill Training

Youth Motivation

Fun at Work

HR Solutions



Nobody else in the world has the same combination of experiences, talents and interests as you.
We help you to use them to your advantage.

Meet the Team

Sunny Agrawal

Founder & Principal Facilitator

A behavioural and skills facilitator, a motivational speaker and a proud dad; Sunny has excellent people skills to engage and connect.

Anu Garg

Content Developer and Facilitator

A certified content developer and a professional facilitator. Having worked in fields and corporate, Anu has engaging stories to be told.

Anshuman Prakash

Technical Facilitator

A technical genius, a teacher, embedded system master and soon to be Phd holder; Anshuman knows how to connect with students.

Let’s make something great together.